Cases of large scale adoption

  1. Transforming mono cropped lands into double cropped ones with the introduction of mustard/rapeseed/wheat as second crop after short duration HYVs of paddy.
  2. Orchard development in the unbunded very uplands of drought prone red & lateritic soil of Purulia.
  3. Breed improvement of deshi ducks through cross breeding with Khanki Campbell drakes.
  4. Using pitcher drip irrigation to save the crops during season of water scarcity.
  5. Development of Acacia auriculiformis based silvi-pastoral system using Stylosantheshemata/ Cenchrusciliaries as the fodder species along with tie-ridges for soil and water conservation.
  6. System of Rice Intensification
  7. Lac Cultivation on Existing Population of Host plant in the District.
  8. Resource conservation of Black Bengal Goat.
  9. Mushroom cultivation through Women SHGs.
  10. Backyard Poultry/duck farming through Women SHGs
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