About Us

Important Components

  • Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) Consisting representation of stakeholders & meeting once in a year to review & priority setting
  • Demonstration Units : Location specific to educate farmers
  • Crop Cafeteria : Providing options to farmers to select from
  • Diagnostic and Advisory Services : Diagnostic & advisory at Farm Science Centre Expert visit to Farmers field
  • Seed, planting material production and other products as technology inputs
  • Revolving fund : Maintenance of account, use for farm related activities
  • Technology backstopping by Agricultural Universities/Research organizations

Major Issues

  • Diverse agro climatic settings
  • Harnessing Human Capital
  • Flagship programmes
  • Visibility, vibrancy & effectiveness of Farm Science Centre
  • Specialization & excellence
  • Agro advisory & agricutural alert
  • Documentation of innovation, cases & success stories
  • Farmers reach (footprints)- Farm Science Centre outreach
  • Increasing expectations
  • Challenging – coordination & monitoring

Technology Focused

  • Food security
  • Livestock, poultry & fisheries development
  • Resource conservation
  • Climate resilience
  • Water harvesting
  • Quality production
  • Post-harvest & value addition
  • Biodiversity
  • Drudgery reduction�

Functions of K.V.K

  • Skill oriented Training for Practicing Farmers.
  • Training for Extension Functionaries.
  • Vocational Training for Rural Youth.
  • Front Line Demonstration on Crops & others.
  • Extension Activities e.g. Field Days, Kisan Mela and Exhibition, Farmers Educational Tour, Vaccination Camp, Diagnostic Service, Advisory/Enquiry Service, Publication of Leaflets, Charts, etc., Preparation of A.V. aids.
  • On-farm Testing.
  • Technology extension and research link-up.
  • Taking Injectable trenbolone for sale up watershed based development activity.
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