Activities, Programmes And Achievements

Human Resource Development

Programme No. of Activities No. of participants No. of beneficiaries Place
Study Circle (Special Patha Chakra) 3 120 360 Village-Malthore, Arita & Jambaid
Study Circle (Regular Patha Chakra) 70 11 770 70 Villages
Distribution of Sri Ramakrishna Kathamrita 40 Villages

SishuSiksha Kendra

Programme No. of Activities No. of participants No. of beneficiaries Place
Programme No. of Activities No. of participants No. of beneficiaries Place
SishuSiksha Kendra 30 1500 Students 1500 Ramkrishna Guchha Samity Brahmananda Guchha Samity, Ma Sarada Guchha Samity, Krishnanda Guchha
Samity, Nivedita Guchha Samity,Vivekananda Guchha Samity &  Shibananda Guchha Samity
Orientation Training for teachers of SishuSiksha Kendra 1 30
Orientation Training for affiliated organizations regarding Accounts Keeping 1 20
Distribution of Satarangji(Sitting arrangements) 30 30 Villages

Chalaman Bahini

Programme No. of Activities No. of participants Place
Programme No. of Activities No. of participants Place
Training Programme on ChalamanBahini 1 30 Kalyan Main Campus
Refresher training  Programme 5 45 Kalyan Main Campus
Participation in All Bengal SishuSamabesh 1 40 Burdwan

Other Activities

Programme No. of Activities No. of participants Place
Value Orientation for Madhyamik Exaninees 1 31 KALYAN KVK Campus
Distribution of Football 40 40 Villages
Secretary Conference 1 48 Kalyan Main Campus
Training programme on Tailoring for Women SHG members 2 60 Vill.- Jalika&Chirumarcha
Arrangements of drinking water to the thirsty passersby (JalChhatra) during Summer 1 Vivekanandanagar
Training Programme on Carpentry (Duration 3 months) 1 15 Kalyan Main Campus
Free Medical Check-up Camp 3 885 Vill.- Bhuiyadih, Purulia-I,Vill.;Punura,Panipathar& KALYAN Main Campus
VivekBahini: Launching Programme-

A  residential Workshop

1 107 Kalyan Main Campus
Competition of local Dance (Karam) for Women SHG Members 3 90 Vill.- Pithajore, Kaluhar, Malthore
Discussion at Celebration of Birth Day of Sister Nivedita 1 66 Kalyan Main Campus
Discussion with local Head Masters, Teachers, Cluster Conveners etc. 1 30 Kalyan Main Campus

Agricultural Development Activities

Distribution of Seeds for Crop Husbandry

Programme Total no. of beneficiaries
Groundnut 204 nos. of Farmers
Black Gram 190  nos. of Farmers
Green Gram 124 nos. of Farmers
Pigeon Pea 225 nos. of Farmers
Paddy 251 nos. of Farmers
Turmeric 184 nos. of Farm women
Lentil 172 nos. of Farm women
Bengal Gram 96 nos. of Farm women
Yellow Sarson 197 nos. of Farm women
Linseed 58 nos. of Farm women

Agricultural Development Activities

Programme No. of Activities No. of participants Place
Training Programme on improved Agricultural Technology 29 870 nos. of farmers Ramkrishna GuchhaSamity Brahmananda Guchha Samity, Ma Sarada Guchha Samity, Krishnanda Guchha
Samity, Nivedita Guchha Samity & Vivekananda Guchha Samity
Training Programme on Animal Resource Development 10 300 nos. of farmers Ramkrishna Guchha Samity Brahmananda GuchhaSamity, Ma Sarada Guchha Samity, Krishnanda Guchha
Samity, Nivedita Guchha Samity& Vivekananda Guchha Samity
Training Programme on raising of forest plants Nursery 1 60
Village level Nursery for raising forest plants 15 nos. of Nursery 225 Afforestation of 10,200 nos. plants at village level


VivekBahini is a Youth Volunteer Force of KALYAN dedicated towards Social Welfare after the ideal of Swami Vivekananda. VivekBahini is a value based project envisaged to implant the ideals of Swami Vivekananda to fulfill long cherished goal of involving the young generation in Nation building activities.

In this connection the inaugural Residential Workshop of VivekBahini was organized from 17th to 20th June, 2016 at KALYAN Main campus. While Revered Swami Jnanalokanandaji Maharaj, Secretary, Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith, Purulia inaugurated the venture, Revered Swami Balabhadranandaji Maharaj, Asstt. General Secretary, Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math, Howrah had been kind enough to chair the valedictory session and deliver the valedictory address. In all 107 youth members participated actively in this workshop.


Sanitation, health and environment are the important components of Indian development scenario in general and Purulia district of West Bengal in particular. Awareness level of the people is very low and use of sanitary latrine even in educated families is still uncommon and unusual. So sanitization and clean house are the most factors fostering health among people as well as sustaining environment. Besides, they are the key for sustainable development of better quality of life in rural society. Lack of sanitation in rural society is primarily responsible for disease, mortality and malnutrition of children, women and others in society.

In this connection Belma Gram Panchayat under Purulia-II PanchayatSamity was selected for “Clean House Award” for the year 2015-16. KALYAN was allotted the pivotal task to accomplish the goal.


Aiming to promote Yoga as an important practice towards achieving a healthier lifestyle, a program was organized on June 21, 2016 at KALYAN Main campus to celebrate International Yoga Day. This is when the age old practice of Yoga has proven to be beneficial as a good let-out or stress buster to cope with hectic life style. A total of 350 nos. of participants including staff members of KALYAN along with the students, representatives of Youth Club etc. attended this program. Mr.Bhajan Kundu, Asstt. Teacher, Malthore High School demonstrated the activities in this daylong program.


We are successfully running a Coaching Centre especially for economically poor first generation learners of the Purulia-II block at our KALYAN old campus in association with J.S.S, Purulia. In this connection we have organized an inaugural program on June 20, 2016. The program was chaired by Swami Chidrasanandaji Maharaj, Chief Warden, Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith, Purulia and Swami Bhaskaranadaji Maharaj was also present. A total nos. of 197 students of Class VII to IX was already enrolled in this Coaching Centre.


According to the literature, the importance of comprehensive training and development opportunities for faculty members and staff who work with developmental project cannot be overlooked. Our effective practice should be administrative support and encourage faculty development in basic skill, and improvement of work qualities connected with institutional mission. The faculty plays a primary role in need assessment, planning, and implementation of staff development programmes and activities in support basic programme. This year attempts have made to organize “Staff Development Programme” of KALYAN. In this connection KALYAN organized a day long Workshop on May 21,2016. In this, Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats of developmental programmes were discussed in detail. The programme was participatory.

JAL CHHATRA (Arrangement of drinking water for thirsty passersby)

To provide safe drinking water to the thirsty passersby on the Barakar Road (State Highway-5), we have organized a JolChhatra from April 20,2016 to May 31,2016. Apart from safe drinking water pre-germinated Bengal gram seeds and sweets were also provided. Total no. of passersby served stands at nearly 5000.


To bring home the benefits of understanding the coordination of values to be successful individuals and for sound organizational behavior pattern & in order to service the needs of our rural community effectively, the organization must understand and respond the values and needs of its stakeholders. In connection with that a programme on Value Orientation has been organized at KALYAN Main Campus on May 09,2016 in association with J.S.S., KALYAN and SABALA – Kanyashreeprogramme. A total no. of 109 of Rural Youth has actively participated. The programme included a technical session on Application of Value Orientation for betterment of quality of life.


KALYAN, along with the rest of India, dedicated 8th May, 2016 to observe the 154th birth Anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore. Mellifluous presented on the day earned high éclat. AIR and T.V. artiste Sri NilotpolBandopadhyay from Kolkata was the main performer in this programme. Members of staff of KALYAN, students and the teachers from the neighborhood participated.


One of our objectives is to improve the nutritional and health status of children in the age group of 0-6 years. In connection with that a programme was organized on May 05, 2016 at Main Campus of KALYAN. In this programme a total nos. of 60 children along with their mother were present. Dr.DinabandhuSahana, Child Specialist, Deben MahatoSadar Hospital, Purulia demonstrated how to prepare nutritional foods with the help of locally available ingredients. The Nursing Superintendent of Deben MahatoSadar Hospital, Purulia was also as an important speaker. The trainees of the nursing helper training programme conducted by J.S.S were the most attentive participants.


In the line of commitment to “Heath for All”, We have organized “Health Awareness Camp” at KALYAN Main Campus on May 05, 2016 with help of AIP and Sabla-Kanyashree Programme. A technical Session on early marriage, school drop-out, health status of mother and daughter was conducted.

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