Innovations recorded by the Kvk

Thematic area Poultry management
Name of the Innovation Mr.Shyamal Bauri
Details of Innovator Vill: Uka, P.O. Jaoradih, Block-Raghunathpur-II,Dist: Purulia

Contact No: 9932824419

Back ground of innovation After successful rearing of Khakhi Campbel duck (500 nos.), Mr. bauri felt that total income from
his farm was not satisfactory. Then, he developed a small innovation i.e. low cost incubator by
wooden material, ply, exhost fan etc., for hatching of eggs in his farm
Technology details Construction of Low Cost Incubator by wooden material, ply and exhost fan with the financial
requirement of Rs. 25000 for hatching 250 nos. of eggs per batch
Practical utility of innovation 1. Low cost i.e. financial requirement of Rs. 25000 excluding inverter whereas market price of the
incubator is near about Rs. 2 lakhs

2. This innovation is ideal for small farms

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